Love ni Bhavai Gujarati Movie 2017


Love Ni Bhavai is a Gujarati movie released on 17 November, 2017. The movie is directed by Sandeep Patel and featured Aarohi Patel , Malhar Thakar and Pratik Gandhi as lead characters.
the trio actors has given the best in this movie. the concept of this movie is based on young generation. and the story is magnificent. each and very seen of this movie is full of entertainment. well i already watched movie twice. and as my personal opinion the movie is fully family entertainment. the character of RJ antra is amazingly played by Arohi. and also malhar Thakkar and Pratik gandhi are also awesome in their character.
The adventure sport lover RJ Arohi is a most loved RJ in City. Malhar thakkar as Sagar has been dumped 23 times. Still he trying to find his soul mate. The story revolves around RJ Antara. who does not believe in love and she gives advices to her listener for breakup. and Pratik gandhi as Aditya who is businessman and mr. dependable instantly falls in love with Antara. malhalr thakkar as sagar want take revenge for his 24th breakup which was due to RJ Antara. Then follows a revenge-travel-friendship-love-breakup-love-compromise-climax saga leading to the end.
sandeep patel’s last movie was 12 year ago . now a days the Guajarati cinema is going another level .the movie plot is changing from old tradition. the film director Saandeep Patel comeback with a pretty awesome story. Cinematography is pretty good by Tapan vyas. music is so magnificent by sachin jigar. all the songs is so melodious.
Jonita gandhi, aishwariya majmudar, jigardan gadhvi ,punit gandhi, siddarth amit bhavsar all have done pretty good contribution with sachin jigar. at last this movie is the pretty good love , drama, comedy best combination and full of entertainment.



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