think different you will be a different


Its not like that we have to go out and do some physical hard work. The idea is very simple THINK DIFFERENT. And you will be different. May people will Say I am already satteld then why I need to think different. A 20 year old person gets idea about to change his home. A 30 year old person get idea about to change society. And after being 40 and get married cant change even a tv channel. As times goes change becomes limited.
In yahudi religion’s scripture “talmud” in that book has topic. What is the strongest thing is in this world And the answer is Steel. But fire can melt the steel then fire is stronger. But also water can quench fire. Then water is stronger. But sun can evaporate the water. Okay then sun is strongest. But the clouds can cover the sun. okay then clouds is stronger. But when the wind blows the clouds fritter away like powder. Okay the wind is strongest thing in the world. But but A human can keep out the wind by closing his window. Then human is strongest thing in the word. But human has fear. Then fear is strongest thing in the word. But when human goes to sleep then he forgets about fear for some time.
So sleep is the strongest. But even from sleep man wakeups after 8hours. But from death he does not wake up. The death is most strongest in this world. Here the question is start from life and we reach the answer to death. But after death a men continues to live by the good Karma he has done. If we think we can get may peoples are no more in this word but we are still know them by their good Karma. Ex: Mahatma Gandhiji. But here we need to add some thing , its about good thoughts , good ideas. Because in this word nothing is stronger then good thoughts, positive thoughts.
Do you know the power of good thoughts it can make difference. If your good thoghts fly freely in sky then your life will change. You may be the same the moment you change your mind and your thoughts. Things begin to change. As world become good due to good thoughts as world gets worst due to wrong thoughts. By using thoughts in good way you will become eternal. The creation and dissolve happens from thoughts.
The thoughts are invisible. One cant see the thoughts. we breathe since we born as like we think since born. Our bad luck is that we have given training of walking, eating , talking , writing, courtesy etc. the most important part in our life is thinking, we never given training for thinking. We think only garbage in garbage out. In neuroscience says neurons has 100 billion connections. If they fires different time then lots of thoughts you can get. Average human have 70,000 thoughts in an hour. It means per second 20, its science says.
Lord Budha says there are seven mind moments in one krati. Krati means 34,000 part of a second. In that part of second there come 7 thoughts. It means in a second about 2,38,000 thoughts. Now you will think some time we have no thoughts about some hours. We are desensitize so we cannot observe.
Anthropology says thoughts have power it can liberate you. A German Zoologist has researched on monkeys. He writes about power of thinking, there are three types of monkeys are famous. Gorilla , Chimpanzee and bonobo which is found in forest of congo. The difference among them is there is a cage and if you throw in a screwdriver, if gorilla hurts form it or it seat in it but it doesn’t know about it. If you throw the screw driver to chimpanzee in cage then in some hours chimpanzee will learn how to hold will stab to small ants. It cant use but it will abuse. And the third type of monkey bonobos its ability to think is good developed. If there is a cage and there is a bonobo monkey if you throw in a screw driver with in half an hour it will learn how to hold it. It would had figured out how to use it. It will be open the crew and come out from cage in few hours. ultimately the power is ability to think.
What set man apart from animal kingdom its ability to thinking. 5000 years ago lions were living in den in forest. Now lions are living in den forest. It never changed its life style. 5000 years ago cows and bulls were eating grass and now they do same. But humans ? we humans has large verity of food, we changed our life style.
Have we ever thought internet technology will come ?, fax will be replaced by emails. May be soon email will be replaced by some advance technology. This world is growing and developing so fast we cant imagine. The first computer was large like a room. Then comes desktop ,then laptop then palmtop (tablet)etc. now coming thumb top. There may be only one key. When you press key the screen will open air like holographic display. Also holographic keypad.
When apollo11 reached in moon its has only 64kb computer power. Now a simple email contains 64kb. Now computer goes fast due to silicon chips. Who knows some day silicon chips will be used in making roads. It will be smart roads. If you met an accident road will inform ambulance about accident with location. Smart homes, if enter in room light will automatically on and when you leave room automatically off. Smart washing machine , guess what if you washing machine stop working it will automatically inform its dealer with all information and location. Then technician will come and make it working. This all information get from michio kaku an American theoretical physicist.
Nano technology, genetic technology is developing very fast. What do you think about food printing. You know what 3D food printing machine. Now if you want to cook you have to prepare all the raw material. Nano technology divides in Nano particles. A machine will make your favorite food with same taste. Programmable gums , people who want to diet one can get the test of favorite food from chewing gums. The progress is moving so fast.
Biographical glasses, now a days we need some time to introduce our salves to each other. By wearing bio graphical glasses when you look at some one you will get all the bio data. This all thing is not too far. But near future. All the development and progress is possible due to a positive thought. Fact is that outer development begins with a thought, but for internal happiness there also need good and positive thought. If your thoughts are weak you never be happy. Positive and good thought must for physical progress and also for inner progress.

Once upon a time in Manchester England a person went to a psychiatrist. He told doctor I am suffering from negative thoughts. Some time I think I have to die. In star he was used to visit doctor thrice in week then he started visiting doctor daily. Then doctor had given a proscription that in Manchester there was a famous circus of Germany. You have to go 3 time in a day. There is a clown and he makes all people laugh. You will lough and your problem will be solved. Then that person told doctor I am that clown. Some time a man who helps others , solves others problems but his own problems become a challenge.
The biggest comedian charlie chaplin was the highest paid actor. In 1940 he made move named The Great Dictator. The script of movie was on adolf hitler. A hitler who never even smile he had seen this movie personally and laughed a lot. Some one can make hitler laugh how the performance level is ? and chalie chaplin writes “I alone can make whole world lough, but the whole world could not make me laugh ”. we West most of time in changing society , other people etc. how about your self ? when we can change our salves then life will be meaningful.
WHO world health organization has given statistics in 2020 the biggest disease will be depression. As we got new technology , features so we get new thoughts and more depression. A simple logic as depression is going to be biggest disease then in reality we can develop by thoughts, we can get happiness by thoughts, nature can change by thoughts. In your family if you change your thought then you don’t have to do any thing else. But the problem is we don’t want to change because we used to it.Every body is comfortable in their won life. But when its come to change we resist it.
If you have a power you can change and be different That’s why I am asking you think different you will be a different

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  3. Wow, superb weblog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
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